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"Impact of Women in STEM Fields"- May Webinar 05-25-2017
On May 15th Cydni Tetro presented a fascinating webinar for the BYUMS Women in Business series discussing the opportunities and impact of women in STEM fields. Cydni, a leading technology executive, was founder and CEO of 3DplusMe, and also spent four years at Disney taking products from technology research and launching them into theme parks, ESPN, ABC and Interactive. Pr..
"3 Signs Your Conversations Are Building Relationships That Work" - April Webinar 05-02-2017
Sometimes our working relationships feel aligned and productive, yet other times feel disconnected and ineffective. Learn how to identify, build, and lead relationships that work for you, rather than against you, one conversation at a time. Hear from the experts: Mala Grewal and Caroline Welty.
"Planning for Flexibility" - March Webinar 02-27-2017
The only thing certain in a woman's life is uncertainty. With education, marriage, missions, careers, children, finances, disabilities, divorce, death, often Plan A becomes Plan B or even Plan G or Z. Planning for the unknown involves plan..
"Creating Women: How to Turn Your Skill set into Business Opportunities" - February Webinar 02-02-2017
Jeanette will share her story of forming a publishing company in a basement apartment with big dreams and a little bank account. Find out how she used her education, her network, and her role as mother to turn herself into an entrepreneur nearly two decades ago. Also, learn how she works side by side with her husband AND likes it!
2017 Women in Business Webinar Series 02-02-2017
The BYU Management Society presents a special webinar series by women for women. If you have questions or concerns about being a woman professional in the business world, these webinars are a wonderful time to learn from seasoned women professionals.  They will share how they have done it and life lessons they have learned along the way. Keep checking back with the
"Finding Balance" - January Webinar 02-02-2017
Women in Business around the world got the chance to submit questions to Andrea Moss, an experience business professional and mother of five children. Andrea outlined her journey through her career and as her children grew up how she balanced time for her career, time for her family, time for church, and time for herself. If you missed this webinar, or would just like to listen to it again, p..
Women Professionals: Challenges and Lessons Learned in Balancing Home, Family, and Career 05-16-2016
Networking Event held May 8th in Lindon, Utah. One of the challenges of life is balancing or juggling all the demands on your time. At our opening event for the Women in Business Initiative we heard from three incredible women and their thoughts on the “Challenges and Lessons Learned While Balancing Family, Church, and Career.” All who attended got the chance to network w..