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"3 Signs Your Conversations Are Building Relationships That Work" - April Webinar 05-02-2017

Sometimes our working relationships feel aligned and productive, yet other times feel disconnected and ineffective. Learn how to identify, build, and lead relationships that work for you, rather than against you, one conversation at a time. Hear from the experts: Mala Grewal and Caroline Welty.

Mala and Caroline walk you through a proven step-by-step strategy so you can:

  1. Have effective conversations
  2. Motivate and lead through language
  3. Build high performing relationships

This strategy helps you create conversations that build relationships to enable you to thrive in your life, not just survive. Connecting with others in a meaningful and effective way in turn generally makes our lives more meaningful and effective. Don't miss this webinar to learn from the experts how to have conversations that build relationships.


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